Recycling to help the Go Green generation and The M.S. society.       BEGAN  MAY 2008, TO END WHEN A CURE IS FOUND.  WE WILL COLLECT 24/7 365 DAYS A YEAR 
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Keys for Kindness is an idea that began long ago when a family member was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. Kathy wanted to find a way to help raise money for the M.S. society. Recycling has been a family way of life for many years. We realized that combining the two and finding a unique way to help out Kathy and her family would be  great . A drawer full of metal keys sparked an idea. Why not ask others to clean out their drawers of old keys and send them to us. We then recycle them, which in turn allows us to donate more to the M.S. Society, L.I. New York division/ Team friends , while also helping the Go Green effort. Every little bit counts. If you want to donate cash, please do not send it to us,  click on Kathys personal page and it will take you right there. Kathy has raised her goal for the coming year to $2000. If you cannot send keys, please send what you can to Kathy, no amount is too small. Help her reach her goal any way you can. send the old keys to us. Thank You, it really means alot.  

The summer is fast approaching and we keep getting keys in the mail, THANK YOU very much. It takes time to seperate the keys from their links and then we seperate steel from brass. Its something we surely do not mind doing. The price of postage is still a problem and any ideas would be great. If anyone would like to collect keys in your area and scrap the metal and donate the money to the M.S. Society, please feel free to do so. Its all about finding a cure and thats all that matters. I have just seen on T.V. that they have located a gene that might help prevent the advancement of the disease but still not a cure. So the more we can do now the better. THANKS AGAIN.  

I don't have many keys so its not worth sending, right? Wrong, Every key counts, The more metal we recycle, the less drilling and mining we need. So do not think that your little contribution does not mean anything. It does. You are also helping the M.S. society so its a double bonus. Thanks again.  
Novartis has a new drug, its called Gilenia, its the first oral pill to combat MS. Lets hope for more progress and soon. The pill should be out by September after FDA approval. It was already recommended for regulatory approval earlier this month.
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